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  • thingsmydickdoes

He saw his shadow! Does that mean 6 more weeks of ...spring? Sure!

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  • thingsmydickdoes

LD had so much fun with his squishy lil friends....but then he ripped its beak off 😂😂😂💦🍆🍆. Ya buddy you blend right in 😂😂

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  • thingsmydickdoes

Lovehoney was sooo nice to LD and sent him a new toy to try out! He was a lil skeptical at first since he loves his original lovehoney toy SO much. BUTTTT once he got the hang of it he tried to crank it to 11 ! 😂😂💦🍆 (Dont think they make this one anymore but it was really fun.. just wish it had a few higher settings for sure. )

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